Podcast Editing Services

Is Your Podcast Taking Up Too Much Time?

On average, it takes 4-6 times the length of your recorded audio to do all the post-production work.

Not only does a podcast editor make your show better, but they also give you hours of your life back by taking some of the most time-consuming and overwhelming parts of the process off your plate.

What could you accomplish with all that extra time each week

Conducting more discovery calls? Sending more proposals? Creating your next signature offer?


My Podcast Editing Services

Below are the post-production services I offer. A custom package will be created for you, but the average episode rate is between $100 - 250 depending on the length and scope of work.

  • Workflow Management
    • Every client is provided with a free Airtable spreadsheet to help everyone involved with the show keep track of the files and what has been completed for each episode
  • Audio Editing
    • Removal of verbal ticks and crutch words/phrases (uhh, uhm, you know, etc.)
    • Removal of distracting sounds such as mouth noises, coughing, sniffing, etc.
    • Removal of false starts and stumbles
    • Removal of general background noise
    • Adjusting the volume so it's constant across each participant and episode and so it meets industry standards
    • Correction of issues such as call disconnection
  • Mixing
    • Combining all the elements of your show (intro, outro, transition music, ads, interview, etc.) to form a completed episode
  • Tagging the file with metadata to help with SEO (which is more important than most podcasters realize)
  • Uploading the MP3 file to your hosting service and scheduling it for publication
  • Show Notes
    • Either:
      • Written in a Word document for you to add to your website
      • Written and published on your website
    • To Include (only when written and published on your website):
      • 1-3 short paragraph description of the episode and guest (if applicable)
      • Bullet list of talking points (if specifically requested)
      • A resources section including links to the resources mentioned in the episode
      • Episode artwork (must be provided by you)
      • A player for the episode so visitors can listen right on your website

Client Testimonials

Below are some testimonials that were either directly submitted to me by my clients or taken (with their permission) from one of their podcast episodes where they discussed working with me.

April Beach
SweetLife Entrepreneur

Ivy LaClair
Motivational Millennial &
Mind Climate

Andrea Joy Wenburg
Voice of Influence

"Britany is a pro at helping coaches and consultants get their message out to the world via podcasting. Her insight into the medium and her passion for helping those who help others makes her the go-to podcasting expert for our industry. I’m so glad Britany is on my team."


Veronica Valli

"I love my podcast, it's my favorite thing to do and I simply wouldn't have got there without Britany's help. If you are serious about producing a quality podcast, then you have to use Britany. She really knows what she is talking about. I can't recommend her enough."


Annette Hottenstein
The Food Sommelier Podcast

"I definitely recommend Britany for podcasting support. Working with Britany made my life as a podcast SO MUCH EASIER.She is pleasant and easy to work with. Her quality of work is also very high and she asks the right questions when needed."


Let Me Help You Regain Hours Of Your Life!

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If you're still unsure about hiring an editor or what all they can do for you, check out episode 25 of my podcast, What is a Podcast Editor and Should You Have One?

If you know you need an editor, but you're unsure how to go about hiring one, check out episode 26, Tips for Hiring a Podcast Editor. It even comes with a handy PDF of questions to ask your potential editor.


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