Episode 60: Podcasting with a Purpose with Stephanie Pollock

"It felt like a next-level way to express my business ideas."

Stephanie Pollock is a Business Activator and Leadership Coach who is fiercely devoted to helping women leaders and entrepreneurs develop the leadership confidence and capacity to rise without compromise, stepping into the spotlight and revenue streams they so richly deserve. 

She’s the host of the Entrepreneur Magazine recognized podcast, Rise without Compromise: Leadership Insights for Women in Business, publisher of the Going PRO magazine, a Top 40 Under 40 changemaker and creator of the Leadership League Mastermind - a leadership accelerator for women ready to claim a bigger, bolder vision for their life and work.

In this episode, Stephanie talks about the changes she’s seen in the podcast space during the four years she’s been podcasting, whether or not she feels there’s still room for coaches and consultants to start new podcasts, the importance of determining the purpose of your podcast from the start, what she believes is coaches and consultants must do when it comes to starting a podcast so they don't get lost in the sea of podcasts available to listeners, the role her podcast serves in nurturing her potential clients, why she decided in the beginning that she didn’t want to do an interview show and how that decision has hindered her podcast growth but helped with her business growth, what she would do differently if she could start her podcast all over again, and more!


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