Episode 55: What the Latest Data Tells Us About Podcast Listeners

"Don’t just assume that everyone who follows you knows what a podcast is."

Every Spring Edison Research releases an annual report called The Infinite Dial and it contains data on a variety of media/content platforms; including podcasting.

In this episode, I'm highlighting some of the most relevant/interesting data in their 2019 report. Some of the topics include how many people are listening to podcasts on a weekly basis, how much of each episode they listen to on average, what devices they're listening on, how they typically find new podcasts, how likely they are to consider a brand that advertises on a podcast, and the main objections for why people who're familiar with podcasts don't listen to them. 

This is a very numbers driven episode and I realize that might not be your cup of tea, but it should be. To learn even more information about podcast listeners such as the percentage who identify as male or female, a breakdown of the age ranges of listeners, and more check out the two reports mentioned in the episode linked below.


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