Episode 53: Should Your Podcast Have Seasons?

"It's almost a guarantee that you'll lose subscribers in your off season."

Podcasting can be a lot of work. Maybe the idea of producing an episode every single week all year long is overwhelming to you. I totally get it!

Summer's coming ... the kids are out of school, the weather's finally warmer, there are trips to be taken, and fun to be had. Again, I get it! (Well, maybe not the kid part, but the travel and having fun part at least.)

Maybe your signature course or group coaching program is only open once or twice a year and you need to focus all your efforts on that and don't have time for a podcast during those weeks or months. Yeah, I get that too.

Formatting your podcast to be released in seasons instead of having an ongoing weekly show, can be a huge blessing in these situations. BUT, it doesn't come without a price.

In this episode, I explain the benefits and drawbacks to having seasons for your podcast and provide some tips for helping to minimize the loss of subscribers between seasons.


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