Episode 35: Strategies for Promoting Your Podcast Episodes with Sophia Parra

If you've listened to episode 32 where I talked with Sophia Parra about podcast launch promotion strategies, you're probably as enamored with her as I am.

If so, I've got great news!

Sophia's back on the show to talk about how to best promote your new podcast episodes and how to repurpose your old ones!

In case you haven't listened to episode 32 yet, Sophia Parra is a social media strategist specifically for coaches and the creator and CEO of Coach Social; a company that helps you grow your business by generating original, informative content that builds credibility and helps you to be found and trusted by your perfect clients.

Take a listen to this episode to find out the formula for sharing your podcast episodes in a way that will impact your followers, inspire them to action, and allow them to see you as an expert, the specific things you should and shouldn't be doing when promoting your podcast episodes on social media, the amazing resources Sophia has available to you (including a special offer that isn't available on her website but is available to you as a listener of this show), and so much more!


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